Aid in the line of fire

Andrew Cameron OAM has spent his life helping others, in a journey that has taken him from the war-torn regions of South Sudan to the arid landscape of outback Queensland. Contact checked in with Cameron, a decorated nurse and humanitarian worker, during his latest mission to Afghanistan.

Originally working as a labourer in New Zealand, Cameron began training as a nurse studying at La Trobe University at the age of 19, and was the only man in a class of 44. Given that it was the mid-1970s, he was an object of curiosity among his classmates as nursing was still viewed as a female profession.

Since then Cameron has graduated from a Master of Tropical Health at UQ and has dedicated much of his career helping rural communities across the world. He joined the Red Cross in 2006, and has embarked on humanitarian missions to Georgia, Iraq, Yemen, South Sudan, South Ossetia, Kenya and Sierra Leone.

“When you’re working in such a remote and challenging environment, you need to know your limitations and be resourceful with what you have.”

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Last updated:
6 June 2017