The ultimate first year bucket list

Woohoo, you have started uni - now the fun really begins! Starting your first year at university can seem exciting, daunting and unfamiliar all at once. With so much change going on it’s hard to know what to expect, what to prepare for and what to get involved in throughout the year.

Initially, it all may seem like a hectic blur, but never fear, below is a beginner’s bucket list to make your first year at UQ one to remember.

1. Get sporty

UQ has a number of sporting teams to get involved with throughout the year. Even if you don’t consider yourself an incredible athlete, sign up with a group of friends in a social team for a bit of fun.


2. Visit the Art and Anthropology Museums

Embrace your inner Indiana or New York art critic and take a look around the public displays. It’s a great way to pass an hour or two between classes and best of all it’s free entry.


3. Attend the Careers Fair

I know it feels like you have only just begun your journey to become a qualified professional, however, it’s never too early to set goals and have the finish line in mind. The UQ Careers Fair is located in the UQ centre, on Wednesday 22 March. It provides an opportunity for students to explore career and employment options by meeting with employers representing a variety of companies and organisations.


4. Try a group class at the gym

UQ holds over 50 group fitness sessions a week that range from calming pilates to energetic body pump sessions. Be sure to check out the weekly timetable. If you prefer there is also the solo gym or the running tracks too.


5. Avoid the ibis

At some point during your first year you will almost be guaranteed to lose your lunch to a cheeky ibis. My advice, keep your eyes peeled and your chips close…don’t say you haven’t been warned!

6. Join a club

There are over 190+ clubs and societies at UQ - you probably met some of them at market day. Make the time to reach out and get involved in a group that interests you. You never know what opportunity might come from it, even if it’s just to have some fun and make some new friends.

7. Take a stroll by the lakes

If you don’t catch the bus to the UQ Lakes station you may miss out on getting your nature fix. Have a stroll down near the lakes or take your lunch there for a relaxing break – trust me, they are beautiful. It also makes a great photo stop.

8. Be a Yes man/woman

Uni is all about trying new things and putting yourself out there, so say YES to every (reasonable) opportunity. You will only be here once (unless you go on to postgraduate study), so make the most of it.

Last updated:
14 March 2017