The many ways to get to UQ St Lucia

Having progressed from being a student at UQ to now working here, I feel I am officially qualified to share with you the best ways to get to the UQ St Lucia campus.

For those who are unfamiliar with the campus you can literally get here by almost any means of transport; bus, train, ferry, bicycle, or car… you name it.

When I became a staff member I applied for a staff parking permit, however living on the opposite side of town meant the daily challenge of being caught in city gridlock. After four months of driving, I decided that I still preferred public transport.

My days start pretty early but I live conveniently close to a train station on the Cleveland line which is very helpful. From there I get the train to Park Road station, before crossing the overpass to the Boggo Road bus stop. The buses are very regular from this stop, I believe it’s every six minutes, and after a tunnel and one stop (which FYI if you are a Pharmacy student you can get off at the PA Hospital stop and walk to PACE) takes you straight to the UQ St Lucia lakes bus station.

The lakes bus station has many public bus routes regularly arriving and leaving. Check out the Translink website journey planner for your most direct route. If you are old-school you can also call 13 12 30 for timetable and further information.

If driving is your only option then don’t let my preference put you off - my tip is to do your research on the UQ Parking website to figure out the best places to park and the fees/time restrictions involved.

However you get here, the uni campus is a big place, big enough to even have its own postcode! To ensure you don’t get lost on campus make sure you download the UQnav App. It is a life saver, I still use this even though I have been working at UQ for over two years. I am still finding new rooms and buildings that I have never been to before.

For more information on travelling to UQ St Lucia check out the Getting to St Lucia future student website.

Meet the author...

Hi, I'm Emma. I have been both a student and a staff member at UQ. I have tried and tested many of the transport methods to get to UQ's St Lucia campus, including, car, bus, train and ferry. Public transport is a clear winner for me. 


Last updated:
21 October 2016