U21 Summer School in Chile (Pt 1)

With exams out of the way, the reality that I am travelling to Chile has finally set in. Woohoo! For the next two weeks, two other UQ students and I are travelling to Santiago, Chile, to take part in the U21 Health Sciences Summer School*.

For those of you who have not heard of the summer school before, it is an annual event for health undergraduate students from an array of disciplines to come together to study and share ideas. Each year, the summer school is focused around a central topic. For 2016 this is: Early Critical Windows of Opportunity. I expect to be learning about how the use of preventative interventions early in life can be a potential tool to fight chronic diseases later in life.  I think increasing the quality of life in early life environments will be a big topic of discussion, and through seminars, lectures and even a hospital rotation, I hope to take away some new knowledge that will help me within my chosen profession of pharmacy back in Australia.

I am extremely excited about the educational experience, but I also can’t wait to see the beautiful sights and natural scenery of Santiago, especially the nearby port city of Valparaiso. It is great that even among our workload, we will still have plenty of time to soak in the culture of Chile.

It is an incredible opportunity to be attending this program, not only as a representative for UQ, but also as a representative for healthcare within Australia. It is an honour to be a part of an international initiative aimed at improving the healthcare field. I am already feeling very inspired and cannot wait to be surrounded by others who share my passion for patient care. Over the next two weeks I will be taking in as much knowledge, culture and scenery as I possibly can, and I will make sure that I share my learnings with you and write it up in my next blog posts. Until then, Adiós a todos.

* Universitas 21 is a global network of universities with a strong research focus and ambitions of improving life in the 21st Century. Including The University of Queensland, there are 25 universities in the network, encompassing 1.3 million students and more than 220,000 staff.

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Hi, my name Chris and I’m studying a Bachelor of Pharmacy at UQ. I am a hard worker who believes in seizing every opportunity I can to improve myself. I am very passionate about helping others and gain great satisfaction through motivating and inspiring those around me. Education and health are extremely important to me, and I hope that throughout my life I can positively impact global health care.


Last updated:
19 October 2016