Preparing for Open Day, as told by a high school student

With the end of grade 12 fast approaching, senior students (like myself) across the country are turning their eyes towards their futures. With the confusing world of tertiary education arriving quickly on our doorsteps, I am hoping that university open days will provide the perfect opportunity to find the answers to our millions of questions.

One open day which I am looking forward to is The University of Queensland St. Lucia Campus Open Day on the 7th of August. The UQ website is really helpful for further details on the event, including program information and what to expect. Check it out if you get the chance. It looks like the day will be filled with lots of exciting activities, ranging from program specific talks, demonstrations, hands-on activities, free popcorn and an abundance of UQ pens. Exact session information and times can be found in the online session planner, where you can plan your whole UQ Open Day experience and transfer it to your smartphone using the UQ Open Day App.

While I plan on attending the information sessions about degrees which I am interested in studying the most, I am also going to take the opportunity to explore other career choices which I am sitting on the fence about. I would advise that other high school students think about doing the same. You never know what areas might grab your interest. If you’re in a sticky situation where there are two sessions that you want to attend that clash, that’s no problem! I thought I had this issue, but I found that many of the presentations are held at multiple times during the day which will allow me to explore both options. I think it’s going to pay to be organised, looks like a busy day!

Most importantly, I am looking forward to getting some of my questions answered by the lecturers and current students. Apparently you can easily recognise staff by those wearing purple shirts (note to self: do not wear a purple shirt next Sunday). If you are struggling thinking about what to ask, UQ have put together a list of questions to spark ideas around program information, placements, and uni life - definitely worth a read. I plan on asking all the usual questions including program specifics, such as previous OP entrance scores, subject prerequisites and some of my more general queries, such as scholarship information and why are there so many ibis on campus.

The St. Lucia Campus Open Day looks like the logical next step for me to plan for my future career, particularly in the lead up to QTAC applications and high school graduation. I will obviously be attending on the day, so shout hello if you recognise me (amongst the other 20,000 people this could be tricky). For those of you that cannot physically attend, I will also be posting about my experience post-event, so keep your eyes peeled.

Enjoy open day!

Meet the author...

Hi, I'm Jeremy. I am a current high school student (year 12), living in South East Queensland, and I am weighing up my options for tertiary study. Currently hoping to study a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and go on to complete a Doctor in Medicine, specialising in neurological rehabilitation. I have many interests, including, being a part of the Queensland Youth Orchestra’s Wind Ensemble.


Last updated:
28 July 2016