Why go to uni?

We have many different types of students who join the UQ family - high school leavers, mature aged students, and students who love study so much we can’t get rid of them (postgraduate students). At some point, before coming to UQ, most of them would have asked themselves - why do I even need to go to uni? To shed some light on that question we have put together a completely biased list of reasons why. However, we do understand that every student’s path is a very personal one.  

When deciding if uni is right for you, it is good to remember that uni is only temporary, in most cases. The end goal for the majority of students is to get the qualification they need, to work in their dream career. With professional jobs in particular, like most jobs within the health industry, occupations require that you have a high level of skills, knowledge and experience in order to be eligible for the position. Hence, going to uni and achieving your qualification.

If you are considering uni, we firstly recommend researching all the jobs/industries on offer and finding a career which aligns with your interests and passions. The QTAC guide is a great place to start if you are after a wide variety of ideas. Once you have found your area of interest, search around for who is offering the qualification you need to get into this industry. It can be helpful to look on job seeker websites to ensure you are getting the right level of qualification and experience required.

Now that you have decided on your career, let’s look at just some of the benefits that going to university can provide for you:

  • Increased employment prospects

As discussed already, uni qualifications allow you to apply for jobs which others seeking to get into the industry may not have. The job market is very competitive so a qualification can really open doors for you and increases your employment opportunities. You may have read in our recent post Facts and Myths about UQ that the hard work of our graduates pays off very quickly for most. In fact, 82 per cent of 2015 Health and Behavioural Sciences graduates, and 94 per cent of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences graduates were in full-time work within four months of completing their degree in 2015 (Graduate Destination Survey, 2015). 

  • Career satisfaction

With your broadened job opportunities, discussed above, this will allow you to be able to study literally whatever you want. Yes, there are prerequisites and entry requirements which you will need to meet to study certain programs, but there are always ways to work around this – even if it takes you a year or two extra to get there. Job satisfaction is vital for everybody. At the end of the day your job pays the bills and allows you to live your life as you wish, however life will be much more fun and enjoyable if you additionally love what you are doing (for work).

  • Earning potential

Whichever career you end up in, getting paid for your hard work is rewarding. Money might not make you happy, but it sure will give you more opportunities in life. Our graduates from Health and Behavioural Sciences and Medicine and Biomedical Sciences had an average starting salary of $55,000 and $67,000 respectively in 2015 (Graduate Destination Survey, 2015). Not bad for your first year out of uni! 

  • The experience

UQ provides many opportunities for our students to get involved and to be immersed in the uni lifestyle. There are not many other places which provide you with everything you could possibly need to excel educationally, such as access to first class facilities, world renowned lecturers, extensive sporting and cultural activities, and all located on the doorstep of golden beaches and beautiful Brisbane. It is clear to see that we are very proud of all that we offer, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Make sure you check our out 2016 dates for your diary so you can come along and see the campus for yourself or get your questions answered by us in person.

  • Create change for the future

It might sound cheesy, but each of us are here on Earth to pave the way for a better future for the next generation. We are particularly passionate about the Health industry, and the real differences you can make in the lives of others. With each of our undergraduate and postgraduate programs, at the core of each profession is a true want to improve people’s lives. Check out how some of our UQ grads are creating change in the world.

We understand that going to uni isn’t the be-all and end-all, plenty of people have very successful careers without the need for a qualification. We are here though to provide support and the very best educational experiences possible for students who have the drive and ambition to further their knowledge. Browse through our many study options available at UQ and see what sparks your inner passion.

Last updated:
28 June 2016