Where to start - deciding on your future career

As the middle of the year approaches and you are getting closer to finishing high school, it’s important to be thinking about your career goals and the best pathways to get you there. It is a good time to be researching job titles, making yourself aware of job and industry future predictions, and investigating the opportunities which will help get you off the starting block. This can feel daunting at times, but the process can be easier with the right resources. We've compiled a list of the following resources to assist whilst you consider your options.

Helpful resources for inspiration

My Future – This is your one-stop-shop for career inspiration. Make a free account and gain access to suggestions on skill shortages, trending occupations, dream job quizzes, career descriptions, projected annual salary information, suggested pathways and education institution information

Bullseye Careers – think about a school subject you enjoy, and check out the relevant bullseye chart. It will suggest occupations based on your interests, similar to My Future. Keep in mind that all occupations in the level four rings require a Bachelor degree or higher qualification (which is where universities come in)

UQ’s Steps to Success  – This booklet helps you learn more about yourself and your career goals

Graduate Opportunities – If you have a vague idea of which direction you are heading in, this is a great place to weigh-up your options and compare degrees. They also have some good resources including your career & you

UQ Future Students - If you would like to find out more about studying at UQ then the UQ Future Students website is a great place to start learning about a huge range of degrees, entry requirements, life at UQ, student events and the application process.

Health specific resources

Interested in a career in the health industry? We have a wide range of programs which may suit you. Check out the 2017 UQ Health Study Guide for our full range of undergraduate health degrees which includes sample course lists, admission information and experiences from current students and graduates.

UQ's Ultimate Guide to Health Jobs in Australia - learn about the different jobs in health, as well as average wages, employment rates, future job openings and more.

Direct links to health degrees and career specific blogs at UQ

Last updated:
3 April 2017