My placement in Darwin (Pt 1)

I had mixed emotions finding out my final placement would be in Darwin. I was lucky enough to have received a rural placement scholarship (SARRAH), so I was expecting to go rural…but maybe not this far away!

So many questions ran through my mind – where would I stay? What would I be doing? And obviously, how would I possibly handle the heat?!

Luckily Airbnb came to the rescue regarding accommodation and the placement would fall in the dry season meaning that the temps are slightly milder. I called my clinical education manager rather early to ensure I had a good idea of the placement organisation and the student role I would play within it.

I arrived in Darwin two days before placement began with Isabel, a fellow OT student. This enabled us to settle into our accommodation and do some reconnaissance in the local area. Doing a quick drive-by of the placement location was helpful to ensure a prompt arrival on out first day.

I felt slightly nervous walking into prac, however, knowing I had Isabel with me was very reassuring. We quickly adapted to what they call “Darwin time”, an all round more relaxed, laid back environment when compared to my other Brisbane placements. The early intervention services at Carpentaria Disability Services runs off the school term therefore next week will be the first week of clients at the service. I am excited yet find this daunting, knowing next week we will hit the ground running. 

I will keep you all posted on how my placement experience develops. Below is a happy snap of Isabel and I watching the sunset at Mindil Beach.

Last updated:
19 October 2016