Caring for others runs in my blood

From a young age I have admired the role nurses play in the medical industry. My grandmother was a nurse during World War II so you could say it ran in my blood to aspire to one day be like her and care for others.

When researching which uni offered the best courses in Brisbane, I looked around all the well-known choices and found that UQ offered my preferred course for a number of reasons. There is a very large amount of clinical hours which are involved when completing a Bachelor of Nursing, which prepares you to know exactly what it will be like upon graduation. The best thing about the course is that there is no need to wait until you are in your final years to start practicing in hospitals, clinical hours at UQ start from week five! This seemed daunting at first however the structure and great lecturers make sure you are fully supported and guided at all times.

During my placements in hospitals, I have spent half the time in surgical areas including paediatric, emergency and adult ICU. I found that it doesn’t matter which area I get sent to, each department offers its own set of challenges and joys. While it is sometimes difficult to find your feet in the beginning, once you do there is no knowing what great impact you will have on patients’ lives.

Late last year I received the fantastic news that I was been accepted into a graduate program at the Mater Private ICU and will be completing postgraduate study throughout the year. Looking to the future I have aspirations to eventually be a team leader and nurse educator. I would feel honoured in assisting the next generation of nurse graduates to become the best professionals they can be.

Last updated:
19 October 2016